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Succulent Care

Succulent Care

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  Thank You to all the nice people I met at Anime Boston 2017. You all are amazing!
  • Succulents do not typically need much water. Most need bright light.
  • Indoors they are best near a bright light source, prehaps at a south facing window. Outdoors they can take direct or indirect light- In New England they are fine outside from about mid-May until October. If the leaves seem like they are shriveling, take out of light source and give it a bit of shade or less light and give the plant a bit more water
  • Water them about once every two to three weeks. Overwatering can make succulents rot. It would be ok to let watering go for a month at times!
  • Water may run through, use a saucer or tray to protect your table, desk or shelf. 
  • Occassionally a succulent like aloe or aeoniums like shade. If your succulent is turning color (aloe turning tan color or orangy shade, put it in the shade, the green should return).
  • Depending on the succulent, even if all the leaves fall off, you still have hope! Some succulents come back to life from the stalk or stem, others will spring a new plant from the leaves. Still others will produce "baby" offshoots, and it is wise to pot them up seperately over time to hedge your success with these plants.
  • I highly recommend Debra Lee Baldwin books for a comprehensive approach to growing and maintaining succulents. Please follow this link for more information: http://debraleebaldwin.com/