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Sumikkogurashi Zip Case

Sumikkogurashi Zip Case

Super cute zipper case featuring Sumikkogurashi . Great for pencils, pens, art supplies (on the smaller side) makeup brushes etc. These cases are slender, not boxy. They feature characters only on one side of product.
"Sumikko" means "corner". Also can refer to generation like to stay in the corner of the child. Sumikkogurashi means living in the corner, the corner of life.
Design varies by color
We have: Photos left to right
Pale yellow/green- Upc # 695910873778- Depicts characters gathered around a coloring book etc.
Pale blue- Various characters a cat a pickle and Japanese writing
Off White- Has a lot of anglicized Japanese cute descriptions of the characters
Pink- Characters hanging fom a gymnasium ring, Japanese writing, characters piled on a scale

Measures 8" inches wide
Approximately 4" from zipper to base